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Gran San Bernardo: Hotels, B&B, Residence and holiday apartments

Saint-Rhémy-En-Bosses (Gran San Bernardo)

"La Vieille Cloche" is located in Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses (AO) at 1519 m.a.s.l., in the upper valley of the Gran San Bernardo along the Via Francigena. Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses, which is 20 minutes from Aosta city, is a mountain resort appreciated for its tranquility.



Saint-Rhémy-En-Bosses (Gran San Bernardo)

An ancient stone and wood house, a typical Aosta Valley architecture with stable and pasteun on the ground floor, large rooms on the first floor and the barn on top of it. This is the home of Nuit: a prestigious dwelling that brings to life the emotions of the past...


Bionaz (Gran San Bernardo)

The apartments La Baita are located in the village of Les Dzovennoz in Bionaz, close to the biathlon stadium. Dzovennoz is the ideal place for those who are looking for relax and who want to leave behind for some time the hectic everyday life.


Ollomont (Gran San Bernardo)

Casa san Cristoforo is located in Valpelline in the Valle d’Aosta, only 16 minute driving from Aosta, in a quiet and natural setting. The old village in the area of Ollomont was completely restructured and turned into an Holiday Village.


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