Nature parks Aosta Valley


Introd - Fraz. Villes Dessus

Cogne - Villaggio Minatori, 81

The Gran Paradiso National Park Visitor Centre in Cogne - TutelAttiva Laboratorio Parco - is a research laboratory where visitors can study and understand what happens in the park and deepen their knowledge on the environment.

Valsavarenche - Loc. Dégioz, 65

Gran Paradiso National Park Visitor Centre of Valsavarenche presents different topics related to the life, survival, activity and presence of predators which live in the territory.

Rhêmes-Notre-Dame - Fraz. Chanavey

Gran Paradiso National Park Visitors Centre of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame tells an enthralling story: the Gypaëtus Barbatus (Bearded vulture), the biggest European prey bird, has returned to the skies of Gran Paradiso National Park.

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