Sights Aosta Valley


Châtillon - Loc. Cret de Breil

Built at the beginning of the 1900s following the plans of the engineer Carlo Saroldi, the Gamba Castle was commissioned by Charles Maurice Gamba, husband of Angélique d'Entrèves, daughter of Count Christin d'Entrèves. Since 1982 it has become property of the...

Courmayeur - Loc. Pavillon du Mont Fréty

Introd - Fraz. Villes Dessus

Champorcher - Loc. Chardonney, 42

Fénis - Hameau Chez Sapin, 86 c/o Villa Montana

Gignod - Fraz. Caravex, 2

MAIN (International House of Crafts) was inaugurated on Wednesday, July 20th, 2016. The aim of this museum space is to host temporary thematic exhibitions on both local and international crafts for a maximum period of two years.

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