Farms and wine cellars


Cogne - Loc. Son-le-Prò

The Prasupiaz farm of Jeantet Bruno was born several years ago, from the traditional grandparents’ subsistence farm. With dedication, they were breeding only few cows, carrying out all related activities (haymaking, milk production and processing). Through...

Aymavilles - Loc. Villetos, 50

The Charrère family settled in Valle d'Aosta around 1750 and began to produce in the agro-food industry in the early 1800s. Today Les Cretes, founded by Costantino, Imelda, Elena and Eleonora, cultivates in Valle d'Aosta with 20 hectares of vineyards on...

Jovençan - Fraz. Turille, 17

Arnad - Fraz. Champagnolaz, 10

Saint-Christophe - Fraz. Maillod, 2

Jovençan - Fraz. Pompiod, 47

Nus - Loc. Les Granges, 8

Morgex - Fraz. Villair, 67

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